Lexi at The Queen’s Cups in Worcester, MA

We are so excited to add another interior designer to our team this summer and share her story with you!

Lexi is the newest addition to our Design Team with a unique skillset of her own. From a young age, Lexi was an avid designer, and when it came to college, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology before pursuing her certification in interior design at Mass Bay community college. With all her facets, Lexi excels at Emily’s through her humble connection to clients and understanding both their styles and intended home vibes.

Here are a few things about Lexi that describe her design journey and her destinations for great design deals.

What inspired you to become an interior designer?

“My love for design started when I was a young girl. I was constantly rearranging furniture in my bedroom and even my parents living room. For me, it was all about seeing a vision come to life and conveying a mood. It was about seeing that first piece that inspired a whole design and finding more pieces to complete the look. I don’t have a singular inspiration, but I think that design starts with seeing something you fall in love with and fostering that feeling throughout selections.”   

How would you describe your design style?

“I would consider my personal style to be coastal farmhouse/rustic farmhouse. My goal in life is to be cozy at all times, and to me, those styles resonate the most and feel the most inviting. I want to design my own home to reflect comfort with lots of blankets and an overall welcoming appeal to family and friends when they visit.

When designing for a client, I love when our styles are similar, but ultimately, the goal is to help them choose the best selections for their personal style. If a client loves a neutral palette or has a certain style in mind, I’m very open and receptive to what they envision for their space. I love seeing great designs come together, whether they are coastal farmhouse or modern chic.”

Where are your favorite places to shop when trying to save money on furnishings?

“Outlet stores and your local HomeGoods, TJMaxx, HomeSense, are great places to save money. Personally, Crompton Collective has consistently been one of my favorite places to shop. I always encourage visiting local antique shops because you never know what you’ll find, and they tend to have great buys! I like to incorporate new pieces and pair them with antiques like candle holders or unique lighting fixtures to create emphasis and personality in a space.

I would also say that Target and Walmart have really improved their furniture and décor selections and have become a great place to shop on a budget. I’m a bargain shopper myself, and I don’t think that design/décor has to be expensive to look good.”

What do you enjoy most about being a designer?

“I love seeing a room come together and seeing the homeowner’s reaction to the design and décor we chose. It’s really fulfilling to see all the pieces in the space. There’s such a big difference between seeing a rendering on a screen and actually experiencing and being able to interact with the design in real life. It brings a tangible aspect to the design you just can’t get from 3D.

The whole experience of being a designer, from start to finish, is something incredible. In every part of the process I’m doing something I love, whether it’s shopping, interacting with clients, or revealing the space, they’re all things I enjoy about being a designer.”

Do you have any tips for designing on a budget?

“Have a budget in mind and know whether or not the budget is fixed or if there is room to splurge. There are going to be staple items you want to spend more on like a couch or a rug, but there are other pieces such as side lamps where you can save money and make up for spending more on bigger items.”

Any advice for getting into the field?

“Get certified! Interior design is a difficult field to get into, and I’m thankful for meeting Erica at Mass Bay, as she introduced me to Emily’s Interiors, and here I am now four years later, pursuing my dream job. There is so much that goes into interior design, it isn’t just about matching colors. You want to be able to give your clients the best design possible. In my time at Emily’s so far, Mike and Erica have been books of knowledge, and I’m so grateful to be able to learn from them. They’ve helped me grown into the designer I am now.”

Be sure to follow along on our blog and social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram) to learn more about Lexi and to see some of her latest Interior Design Projects! You can also find Lexi on Confessions of a Design-aholic, blogging more of her designer experiences!

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