Prior to and during your meeting with an Interior Designer it is important to identify your design style. No idea where to begin? In this blog, we identify a few popular foundation styles that you might enjoy. Of course, everyone is unique and has their own personal style. These genres will not identify your whole style, but may provide you with a guide that will lead you to finding your own unique style.


This style involves nature with a focus on texture and materials. Some features included in a rustic style are stone accents and hardwoods. For example, here is Amanda Seyfried’s rustic kitchen via Elle Décor. So peaceful and makes a statement without using too many colors or decorations.


Just as it sounds, a traditional style comes from long-established, historic elements such as antique pieces with a story behind them, built-in cabinetry, and furniture that includes embellishment. Do not let this style come off as “boring,” its facets are truly interesting and if you love the “hunt” of finding antiques to include in your home, this style may be for you.

Mosaic Architects


Boho is a mix of informal and unconventional elements and motifs. This interior design style is focused around objects that are casual yet detailed. The pieces included in this style are vibrant and rich in colors and bold textures.


A style that is relaxing, full of character and authentic. Similar to a traditional interior design style the pieces include a story behind them. The pieces you select will be a balance of old and new, an example could be an old wooden ladder with a fresh set of towels.


Someone with a modern style prefers a minimal look. This style typically only includes essentials and finds beauty in simplicity. Modern design colors tend to focus on natural hues and feature shades of turquoise, brown, rust, and greens.

Modern Interior Design by Decorilla, Interior Designer Renata B.

We hope these Interior Design style descriptors helped you decide yours, if not, we hope they inspired you to create your own unique style! Need help or inspiration for designing your space? Call us at Emily’s Interiors, we are the designer and supplier for your design project in your home or business!

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