You’re growing your business; you’re the marketing department, the accountant and the project manager ALL while trying to be an interior designer. You want to say yes to that kitchen or bath client, but you’re not sure you have the time or resources. Here are our tips for growing your business: 

Capture and Promote Your Projects on Social Media

Whether you communicate your ideas using mood boards or take to the internet for inspiration, always track your design progress with pictures. The before and after pictures show potential clients what you’re capable of and what your strengths are. Being transparent and letting clients know what you’re comfortable with or what styles you convey best helps attract the right audience for you. By promoting your growing business on social media, you can look to what others in your field are doing to successfully boost business and followers. Just remember, all good things take time, and putting yourself and your work out there is just one piece of the puzzle.

Provide 3D Renderings For Your Clients

Not only is promoting your before and after transformations useful when growing your business but so aren’t 3D renderings. Renderings show clients what to expect as a result of their interior design endeavor. They are able to see the space for what it will look like even before a hammer is lifted in their home. Hand-drawn renderings can take too much time and fail to provide a substantial amount of views. With 3D renderings, the software can help produce perspective views from any angle and make revisions instantaneously, which is helpful during client meetings.

Not sure how to use or when to learn 3D software? Find yourself struggling with generating 3D renderings? Emily’s Interiors offers 3D renderings to interior designers for kitchens, bathrooms, and various other spaces, helping alleviate stressful elements in the early stages of growing a business.

Become An Expert In Your Field

There’s so much more to being a designer and having a business than knowing how to market and render. Being an expert in your field and knowing what materials to use or codes to abide by shows confidence and mastery of your trade. No matter if you possess all the information yourself or if you have a team of people with different individual strengths, knowledge of your craft is essential. Making sure clients feel at ease and informed with the answers to all their questions and selections is a great way to establish a connection and generate recommendations for future business.

Partner With A Showroom

If you’re nervous about your business getting off the ground, find a mentor, or partner with a company that can help guide you to success. Pairing with a showroom can help you source materials for your designs and produce 3D renderings so you can have time to manage marketing. Experience is everything, and what better way to get experience than working with an established company.  

Make Connections

Last but certainly not least, connecting with others in the industry is a great way to grow your business and partnerships. Making connections provides numerous resources for your business if you were to require a certain trade or assistance on one of your projects. On the opposing end, if one of your connections were to come across a client that was looking for a service you provided, the client could be recommended to you if it were a good fit. It’s nice to know others who share in your experiences and who may have answers to questions you seek when configuring a future design. 

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