When it comes to any home design project, function and fashion need to work together for a space to feel complete. An interior designer’s job is to pull a room together so that it’s both functional and visually appealing. There are several important things that a designer considers when designing a room.


Making the Most of Space

The first thing a designer has to consider the space you are working with. In the design, a designer has to figure out how to maximize the  function of even the smallest space. You don’t want any part of a room to be wasted space. This is why some designers use what are called zones in room design.


By separating a room into zones, it’s easier to identify a purpose for every square foot. When you work with a designer, consider all of the uses of a particular room. Your designer will be sure that there’s a zone for every important function that the room can serve.


Sometimes zones will overlap. That’s ok in small spaces as long as it’s planned out well. Zones are especially useful in planning kitchens and baths. But, zone design can be used in any room in the home.


Having New Colors and Styles Blend with the Rest of the Home

Another important aspect of interior design is to blend new projects with the style of the rest of the home. Having a brand new modern kitchen or bathroom in an older home that hasn’t been renovated in decades can be jarring when you walk into them. A great designer can work in newer conveniences and elements while still making them look like they belong there.


The same goes for color schemes when it comes to pulling together a design. Colors set the mood for a space. Darker colors can set a more relaxing mood, whereas brighter colors set a more energetic tone. An interior designer will help you consider both how you plan to use the space and how the colors and styles fit into the rest of your home.


By considering space, style, and colors, a designer will find the perfect blend of elements. When it is all pulled together, the room will not only suit your tastes in style, but also have the function that you need in everyday life.

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