When you first bought your home years ago, you always planned for that extra bedroom to serve as a guest room. Years later, that never really happened. Even if there is a bed in there, the room is probably serving as overflow storage. Perhaps it’s time to remodel the space to make it more enticing as a guest retreat, or at least to make the space more functional. Here are some remodeling ideas to make your guest room into a feature rather than a forgotten place.


Adding an En Suite Bathroom and Creating a Guest Suite

A functional bathroom complete with shower stall only takes a few square feet. If you have the space to cut out of the existing guest room, adding an en suite is a good idea if it’s in the budget. While many homes only have an en suite for the master bedroom, it may be a good use of your floor plan to do so. Plus, when the guest room isn’t being used, it’s still useful as a spare bathroom. Typically you don’t put an en suite bathroom in a guest room, but guest suites are actually quite valuable when it comes to assessing the value of your home.


Feature Wall

Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of  paint to renew a room. But why stop with just repainting all four walls the same color? You may consider doing a feature wall a different color and hang artwork or paint an unusual design onto it. Have the bed facing it and give your guests a different view.


Alternatively, there might be a nice-sized window in the room that you can face the bed towards. You could paint the wall around it a different color than the other walls and have the window itself be the feature. Just be sure that there’s a nice view outside of it, like some trees or a nice skyline and not just some power lines or the next door neighbors.


Unusual or Unique Furniture or Decor Pieces

Some of us have furniture sitting around the house, down in the basement, or up in the attic that has never found a room in the home. Perhaps it’s your great grandmother’s old rocking chair and it’s not really suitable for sitting in.  Or you may have a nice end table you picked up years ago from an estate sale. But it’s wobbly and you never got it fixed. You can choose to use these as occasional pieces for your guest room.  Also, you may come across decor pieces on the sidewalk or at a yard sale that you want to put somewhere in your home.  As long as you don’t overdo it,  the guest room is a great place to collect these things. They also make great conversation pieces.  Your guest room doesn’t have to be a boring place. It can actually make for a great guest retreat. Just be sure not to make it too nice or your guests may never leave.

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